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Oroblu Estella Tights

I am super excited this week – I finally booked onto a fashion styling and image consultant course which I am starting soon and I cannot wait! It’s something that I’ve always wanted to get into once I started blogging for you all, and now it’s finally happening!

I know that has nothing to do with the hosiery I am wearing, but I just wanted to share the good news with you all seeing as you have all helped me to get where I am today, so I wanna share every step of that journey with you guys and girls!!

So the hosiery I will be reviewing has been bought right from Oroblu itself >Collant Estella Oroblu

My Outfit

I have to say I am very office-looking in this blog with a pop of colour just to set it off. Masturbators for Ladies was going for another shirt, then a t-shirt and then settled for my satin blouse instead to make it slightly more richer looking than a plain sheer shirt.

I finished off with some subtle court shoes instead of coloured ones just to keep with the look – you can always experiment to find what suits you!

Normally All Vibrators don’t like wearing my heels when I drive as it ruins the back of the shoes, so I stepped out in my white converses and it totally worked with the outfit – have a play around from time to time to create a whole new look!

My Deets:

Shirt: H&M

Bodycon Skirt: H&M

Tights: Oroblu Website

Shoes: Soletrader / Converse

The Review

Once again the packaging is very similar to the rest of their new collection; simple white background with the model wearing the hosiery in a monochrome finish. The back shows the materials used to make the hosiery, along with the sizing guide and a small blurb about the tights:

“Elegant tulle-based tights with floral lace effect. Other Anal Toys under clothing. Cotton gusset.”

Like most of Oroblu hosiery, the tights come flat packed, so it’s easier to get roll on the legs, especially when the design is at the front and you need to line it up correctly (like this pair for example!)

Floggers and rollis the technique for these babies. As always, I tried one leg just pulling up and the other scrunching and they’re both fine. If you have any sharp anklets I would defo avoid pulling up just in case it catches and rips the net!

Oh I also want to add here that these are from toe to the waistband netted and laced!

Thetoeswas certainly not an issue. Bondage HeadgearThey’re no reinforced which is a big boo, but perfect for sandals ladies! I had no problems with long toenails – I was so scared they were going to rip right through but they’re pretty sturdy!!!

Up and over the kneesis where its put to the test. As my thighs are slightly chunky, hosiery always stretches a lot here and sometimes it knackers up the design compared to the bottom of my legs. However I love these as it didn’t really make a difference – close up you could tell but nothing from far if I am honest. Plus my skirt was covering my thighs so it was all good!

Now let’ PVC Orgy Bedding about the good oldwaistband! I have to say it did really well throughout the day – I drank a lot of water once again so I certainly put it to the test and it held really well. The elasticity is there and stayed there the whole day and it didn’t roll over as much as I thought it would. This always happens if you’re in a job where you sit a lot – but I am impressed with these; I do love a nice thick sturdy band!

Whilst I’m on about sturdiness – these tights are so awesome. Not only are they a thick denier (we’re talking 40 here) butthese hardly snageither. I’ve scraped these a few times (some deliberately) but they lasted so well.

Thefeel of themare great too – they’re smooth and soft and really lovely on the legs. I like that they enhance them too – the net is quite nice to touch and not as rough as you would think it would be (I know some can be which snags so easily!)

Overall Thoughts?

I’m in love! And the best part about these are that they are in sale at the moment as they are last season’s but still something that you can rock this year!

The quality is great, the look is fab and the feel is to die for. All round – they’re a great pair of hosiery!

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3 thoughts on “Oroblu Estella Tights ”

love the gusset shots

They look fabulous…. Great to see that they are net and lace from waist toes…

You have proved once again that the strength of a material/knit, doesn’t necessarily mean the degradation of a look. The beauty, the delicacy and grace of the style still comes through perfectly.

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